About Us

MARINL has been established to satisfy a rapidly growing gap in the market. With the pace of technological, regulatory, and environmental advancement increasing at an ever quicker pace, training, development, and the integration of professionals into the shipping industry is a crucial aspect of success and of MARINL’s mission.

With MARINL’s experience of working with clients all around the world including the UK, Belgium, Hong Kong, and the Netherlands, we are well placed to aid your business overcome any challenges arising in the short and long term.
MARINL’s service offering is founded on respect for its clients. We aim to offer bespoke, tailored services to each of our clients so as to understand the operational, cultural, and professional variety unique to the world of shipping.

Our team of professionals has extensive experience worldwide and includes Captains, Chief Engineers, world-class Analysts, and Consultants. Our team has the highest degrees of Maritime and Logistics education from European universities and training institutes.
Our marine surveyors are well trained and highly experienced. All the members of our team have years of experience of working at sea in various positions and on-board different types of the ship.
Our cargo surveyors have many years of experience and know how to deal with the client’s requirements, no matter what type of cargo it concerns. They are professionals in communicating with interested parties, including but not limited to cargo owners, counter surveyors, and local authorities.
We deliver the best quality services with the help of our expertise and knowledgeable team.