Pre-Vetting Inspection

Pre-Vetting Inspection is the most effective way of identifying key issues onboard and rectifying any deficiencies prior to cargo Major Vetting Inspections.
The long voyages, quick port turn-around, mere negligence, and lack of familiarity with such inspections contribute to an unsatisfactory inspection result.
Cargo Majors or Petroleum Terminals generally conduct an inspection of the third party vessels against standards of safe vessel operation developed through inputs of various stakeholders in the industry.

Based on the rating of the vessel’s condition, these cargo majors permit the vessel to carry their cargoes or allow them to operate on their terminal. Commercially, it is very critical to have your vessels endorsed by cargo majors in order to increase the commercial engagement of the fleet.
We have specially designed ship inspections based on the SIRE program and RightShip for Oil & Chemical Tankers or Bulk Carriers to evaluate the preparedness of the vessel for the upcoming vetting inspections. This service usually involves a visit to the vessel, preferably during cargo operations. We provide truly independent advice on potential gaps, risks and how to mitigate them.