Pre-purchase Survey and Condition Survey

Vessel Condition and Pre-purchase Survey is some of the most exhaustive types of inspections. The scope is the full Inspection of the ship, supplemented by special areas of concern or any client’s needs. MARINL carries out Vessel Condition Valuation Inspection & Vessel Pre-purchase Surveys on behalf of potential buyers and appointed by a wide range of companies.
Our clients include, but not limited to, Global Inspection Companies, Ship Managers, Ship Operators, Ship Owners, Ship Brokers, S&P Companies, etc.
Vessel Condition or Pre-purchase Survey involves the complete Inspection of the ship:

-Hull, decks & deck machinery.
-Cargo spaces, equipment & machinery.
-Bridge, navigation & communication equipment.
-Accommodation spaces.
-Ballast tanks & void spaces.
-Engine Room & all machinery spaces.
-Life-Saving Appliances & Fire Fighting Equipment.
-Technical documentation & maintenance records.
-Statutory & Class certificates.
-Specific buyer’s requirements to target.

MARINL has attended tankers, bulk carriers, containerships, gas carriers, supply vessels, etc. to carry out a complete inspection in order to assess the condition of the ship.